Noosînekantan sebarat be Orumieh yan her Shareki trî Kurdistan Le naw RAI bnosn ta blawî bkemewe
در کوردستان عراق اپدیت میشود
Video Edit Magic 4.1.8 ... Soft

دروست کردن و گورانکاری له سه‌ر فایلی فیدیویی.

Size 14.63  MB    



With Video Edit Magic you can:

- Capture Videos using any USB or Fire Wire input device.
- Edit the audio and video components of a single media file separately.
- Give effects to your videos.
- Decorate your videos with more than 150 unique transitions.
- Overlay one video over another.
- Make movies in AVI, MPEG, WMV, WMA, QuickTime, and DV AVI.
- Add a background score / voiceover to your video file.

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